Noma Sushi

about meIt is our great pleasure to serve you with the highest quality food and excellent service at the best prices.

On the frontier of Japanese fusion restaurants, we are proud of our unique and wonderful cuisine which is created from the finest ingredients. We promise you the freshest seafood, meat and produce.

The fun & friendly atmosphere of the sushi bar and the beautiful presentation of each dish with their remarkable and distinctive flavors have made us an experience that inspires our guests to return again and again.

Living in LA and loving the dining culture, I attempt to try as many new restaurants as possible without repeating the same ones. Noma is one of a handful of restaurants that I go back to without hesitation.

Reliably awesome service, without having to wait for a table (even on a Thursday night), and the hostess, chefs, and wait staff always call hello when you enter and good-bye when you leave. Or, as I don't speak Japanese, I only assume it's hi and bye, but whatever is said is friendly and upbeat so I'll take anything.

The restaurant is long and low lit, with paper screens separating the length into small, cozier sections of high-backed booths and intimate corner tables.

Last year, I saw Justin Beiber sitting spread out in the front booth wearing shiny gold high-tops and texting on a giant phone wearing a huge grin. This is not something I could make up if I tried, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I think I've decided it adds to the random delight of Noma, like an understated Gatsby party where anyone from an owl-eyed professor or debutante-du-jour or a Midwestern family of five could find themselves equally comfortable.

Oh yes, they also have food. Very good food.

I'm not a sushi person, but I'm a Noma person; meaning, I would try anything on the menu and likely love it. Notable items include: the Rose Roll, teriyaki salmon Bento Box, spicy tuna rolls, garlic edamame, and the fresh fruit they include as a side to a combination plate (how is it even possible to have the world's greatest watermelon in December?).

Noma is priced right in the middle of "I'm feeling cheap and eating dinner on a plastic chair" and "I'm in a fancy mood and want to dine on white linens". $30.00 for two people to eat and feel very comfortably full.

Takeaway: Come to Noma, enjoy yourself, (don't come looking for teen pop princes, I'm pretty sure that was a one-time thing), and fall in love with this neighborhood Japanese gem.

Brenna J.
Los Angeles, CA

I always have great sushi here. Yeah, sure the service can be a little hit or miss, but sit at the sushi bar! That, my friends, is where all the action is!

Rachael L.
Santa Monica, CA

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